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ISO 9000:2015 Certified Institution

About Director

Indisputably, nursing is among the most dignified of callings in the Nobel profession of medical Science. It is equally a science and an art, a line of work that demands four ‘C ‘concern, care, compassion, and complete concentration.

At A.G. Nursing College, with the help of our proficient and brilliant faculty, we seek to make an enabling upbringing of learning and caring that instills these human values and enthuses the next generation of nursing professionals, at the same time as imparting the skills and proficiency that will hold them in admirable stead throughout their careers.

In fact, A.G. Nursing College is a primary part of our journey towards humanity to touch—and save—more lives, with extreme care and concern overcoming the challenges of geography, economics, and demography to go forward not considering trade but driven by true passion and meaningful purpose. We the team of A.G. College of Nursing are committed to promoting health spreading the hope of ray with the aim of enriching humanity.