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Nursing is one of the most noblest and oldest of professions, it involves dedicating oneself to the care of sick and ailing patients. It is a combination of providing physical healing while also catering to the patients and their families emotional needs too.

Nursing is the largest occupation in the health care sector. Alongside doctors, they form a part of the core team involved in the healing and wellbeing of the patient. Nurses have to work in departments like general wards to emergency rooms to operating theatres. The duties and responsibilities of nurses depend on their qualifications and work experience. At the initial level, they have to work for the bedside patients while at a senior level, they are required to manage special groups of people like psychiatric, pediatric, intensive care patients etc. which require specialized skills. While a career in nursing can be demanding, thankless, and stressful on the one hand, on the other it can be very rewarding and challenging. Each new day brings on new challenges.

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Types of Procedures


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Laser Procedure

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At Home Procedure

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General Procedure

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Pricing & Plans for Teeth Whitening

  • Oral Consultation(Includes Full Mouth X-Ray & Treatment Plan) Free
  • Exam & Cleaning (Includes Full Mouth Cleaning) $120
  • White Filling(Includes One Composite Filling) $175
  • Laser Teeth Whitening (Minimally Invasive Technology) $340

Our Faculity

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Dr.Eliot Aldwin


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Dr.Barie Findlay


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Dr.Fred Calvin


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